Object Of Folk Art

Matière > Etain

  • Tin Plate In (pewter Model) Alexandre Carpenter The Maternity 237mm Art
  • Flat Tin Dedicatory Gamecock Mons Pévèle Dated 1867
  • Rare Bure D Tin Xviii Ville De Lyon
  • Lovely Little Dourne Tin Pot In A Milk Old Folk Small Model
  • Rares Plaques Of Insulpation Of Tin Potters 18-19th
  • Old Reliquary Hunting Oil Ste Epoque Xviii St Remy 1760 Tin Bulb
  • Beautiful And Old Table Or Hotel Sonnette In Patinated Regulation, And Pyrogen
  • Pewter Dish Of The Eighteenth Century, Pierre Pissavy In Lyon. Etin Dangle Earth
  • Box Art Deco Tin Signed René Delavan
  • Aiguiere Helmet Etain Punch 18eme 1769 Helmkanne Zinn Xviii Eme Old French
  • Antique Pair Candlesticks Pewter Stem Short Rising From Bulbos Base 18 T
  • Lot Tin 20 Kgs Kilos Fondre Or Collection Plate Pitcher Tureen Pot Pewter
  • Old And Rare Oil Clock Clock Pewter
  • Old Dolphin-shaped Tin Fountain
  • Old And Rare Pewter Oil Clock Lamp
  • Old Feeding-bottle Ancient Balance Tibetan Lecouvey Towel Bottle Around 1830
  • Old Pot With Bouillon, Tin Soup Of The Eighteenth Century Folk Art