Object Of Folk Art

Origine > Afrique

  • Collier Vintage Berber. Money. Morocco. Main. Xxth Century
  • Former Ethnic Bracelet. Africa. To Identify. Width. Ht 10cm 3cm Weight 200gr
  • African Art Arts Premiers Plate Divination Yoruba Yoruba 22 Cms
  • 2 African Folk Art Objects In Exotic Wood / Crafts / Tribal Art
  • Aa African Art Grease Pot Made Of Very Old Wood Luba, Object Of Folk Art
  • Rare Very Old And Authentic African Shield Mangbetu
  • Rare Very Old And Authentic African Shield Mangbetu
  • African Art Arts Early Yoruba Yoruba Divination Plate Nigeria ++
  • Old Hammer Sugar Ax In Wrought Iron 19th Berber Sugar
  • African Art Baule Ceremonial Ax With Customized Base 52 Cms +++++
  • African Art Container Akan Bronze Shape Handbag Brass Container
  • African Art Bronze Baule Ceremonial Ax With Custom Base +++++
  • Tribal African Art Senufo Senufo Ointment Bottle Extreme Finish 36 Cms
  • Oba-bronze Commemorative Head Benin-nigeria-bini Edo-1221
  • Large Lamp Kabyle Old 19th Century Terracotta Museum Room Kabylie Algeria
  • Berber Koran Box Morocco Algeria Tunisia Completes Late Nineteenth Early Twentieth
  • African Art Tribal Superb Wooden Receptacle Dogon Container 46 Cms ++++