Object Of Folk Art

Origine > Suisse

  • Chamonix Cow Bell, Pillow Bell In Bagnes Switzerland. Simond Mld Devoussoud
  • Ancient And Rare Boxwood Door In Polished Swiss Soil Thoune 19th
  • Former Piolet Channel Military Wood Fluckiger 1944 - Mountaineering Escalade Tool
  • Huge Bell Albertan Cow Lucern Giessere Popular Mountain Art
  • Huge Cowbell Albertan In Lucern Giessere Folk Art Mountain
  • Naturalization Old Möve Mouette (w 69 Cm X 65 Cm) Cabinet Of Curiosity
  • Cow Bells Pillow Bagnes
  • Alarm Clock Music Box Vintage Ballerina Reuge Switzerland
  • Very Rare Encrier Rooster Egg Carved Wood Black Foret Brienz Nineteenth To Your Health
  • Bougeoir Saint Lucia Wood Carved Louis Xiv Late 17th Early 18th César Bagard