Object Of Folk Art

Période > Design Du Xxème

  • Old Box Letters Post Reformed Dejoie & Cie Nantes 2000
  • Pretty Old Cane Bone And Ebony Early 20th
  • Tape Recorder Grundig Tk 248 Hi-fi Made In Vintage Germany Design Xxth N3281
  • Old Japanese Armor Samurai Yoroi Kabuto Japan Miniature Party Boy 1930
  • Old Mailbox Pt Dejoie Manufacture Dated 1955
  • Vintage Design Asia China Xxth Cabinet Red Lacquer Beijing Cinnabar Decor Flower
  • Old Box Letter Post Reformed Dejoie & Cie Nantes 2000
  • Gorgeous Scene Card Party Dogs Annees 50 Wood Card Box Original
  • Rahle Or Syrian Quran Gate Quran Gate Islamic Oriental Art
  • Ironwork / Old Zinc Well Roof / Retro Vintage Exterior / Garden Deco
  • Old Wooden Airplane Propeller
  • 6 Glasses Ciboure Rf + Barrel Alcohol Wood G. Lafitte Work Mastery Mof
  • Tonneau Alcohol Wood G. Lafitte Mof & 6 Glass Ciboure Rf B
  • Scandinavian Teak Tripod Design Lamp Vintage Ufo 60
  • Wax Mannequin Wax Wachs Statue Transvestite Built By The Grevin Museum
  • Very Large Lamp 1970 Knox Design 1970 Pfaffle Chronolux
  • Old Dolphin-shaped Tin Fountain