Object Of Folk Art

Sous-type > Coffret

  • Former Cabinet Marmot Itinerant Pharmacist Walnut 19th
  • Rare Old Box Secret Architected Folk Art Seventeenth Time High
  • Former High Night Light On Red Gothic Church Golden Glass Flowers Thc 19
  • Rare Chinese Qing Huanghuali Wood Carved Wooden Box Safe Sculpture
  • Old Chinese Jewelry Chest
  • Antique C1900 Anglo Indian Carved Sandalwood Box Box Wooden Sandalwood India Carved
  • Rare Chinese Qing Huanghuali Wooden Wooden Box Carved Trunk Sculpture
  • Rare Afghanistan Or Central Asia 19th Century Or Front Wedding Box
  • Wedding Box Wood Painted Popular Art End 18th / Beginning 19th Century
  • Box End 15th Early 16th High Period
  • Cardboard Box Wallpaper Domino Te Eighteenth Century, Blue Folk Art
  • Box Of Paper And Stencil Cardboard Early Nineteenth Empire Restoration Sphinx