Object Of Folk Art

Sous-type > Lampe

  • Rare And Beautiful Signed Kerosene Lantern Sartorius Wuppertal
  • Rare Railway Signaling Lantern Chicago 1906
  • Rare Flanders And Superb Whale Oil Lamp In Brass Decorated 18th
  • Rare And Beautiful Patented Lamp Kerosene Lantern L & B
  • Rare Small Thief Lamp Called Thief 19th
  • Water Loupe Blown Glass Of Dentelier 18th Lamp Pontil
  • Antique Lamp Chinese Smoking (op War) 19th Century # 8
  • Antique Brass Lamp Smoking Chinese (op War) 19th Century # 7
  • Very Large Lamp 1970 Knox Design 1970 Pfaffle Chronolux
  • Large Lamp Kabyle Old 19th Century Terracotta Museum Room Kabylie Algeria