Object Of Folk Art

Style > 1940-1960

  • Wood Stove A Former Earthenware Kachelhoffen Vintage Alsatian Alsatian
  • Swing Swing For Parrots, 1940-1950
  • Phalus Penis Old Rope Knot Purpose Of Marine Purpose Erotic Xxth
  • Old Tree Branch And Squirrel Carved Wood, Folk Art Decorative Object
  • Old Mailbox Pt Dejoie Manufacture Dated 1955
  • Gorgeous Scene Card Party Dogs Annees 50 Wood Card Box Original
  • Ironwork / Old Zinc Well Roof / Retro Vintage Exterior / Garden Deco
  • 6 Glasses Ciboure Rf + Barrel Alcohol Wood G. Lafitte Work Mastery Mof
  • Tonneau Alcohol Wood G. Lafitte Mof & 6 Glass Ciboure Rf B