Object Of Folk Art

Style > Antiquité

  • Rare Old Tool And Ancient Roman Pendulum Nineteenth
  • Authentic Paleochretian Oil Lamp Found In Clermont Ferrand Terracotta
  • An Old Wooden Chariot Folk Art Toy Militaria
  • Antique Pair Candlesticks Pewter Stem Short Rising From Bulbos Base 18 T
  • Very Rare Ancient Tool Square Of Solomon For Carpenter Xix
  • Very Old Cannon Fire Alarm Trap Fire Extinguisher Squealer Alarm Cal 12
  • Old Cannon Alarm Piege Smasher Alarm Poacher Cal 12
  • Ancient Chinese Bronze Vase
  • Rare Bronze Statuette Durga Jain India 10 Pairs Of Arms -fin Xixth -1,5 Kg
  • Old Green Glazed Ginger Pot Sign Shou China 19th Century Qing
  • Marotte Modiste Art Popular Head
  • Ancient Ceramic Ceramic Tripod Dynasty Han China 206 Av J-c 220 Ap J-c
  • Islamic Kavukluk Ancient Ottoman Ottoman
  • Antique Large Basin Tâs Oval Brass Repoussé Art Qajar Perse Ottoman Xix
  • Urn Funerary Gauloise Ste Foy Dordogne Antique Pottery Ancienne Collection
  • Copper Ancient Antique Iron Bügeleisen Cast Iron Ferro Da Stiro Support