Object Of Folk Art

Style > Louis Philippe

  • Superb Golden Crucifix With Gold Leaf- Louis-philippe Period
  • Amazing Cold-smelling Foam Pipe, Case, 1850 Meerschaum Rare Tobacco Pipe
  • Barrel For Tobacco Bureau Nineteenth, Painted Wood
  • Beautiful Jansenist Crucifix Gilded With Gold Leaf Epoque Louis-philippe
  • Quite Rare Coffee Mill Entirely Engraved, Turkey Ottoman, Nineteenth
  • 3 Old Wrought Iron Iron Iron-bügeleisen
  • Old Wooden Hourglass Nineteenth
  • 3 Old Wrought Iron Iron Iron-bügeleisen
  • Former Sablier Hourglass Xix
  • Statuette Woman Nude / Erotic / Folk Art / Bagnard, Sailor Xix Bovine Bone
  • Bronze Bell Of Saint Jacques, A Pilgrim, Nineteenth
  • Ankle Hook Or Corset In Corozo Nut
  • Terracotta Earthenware Tile Xixth Century / Very Rare
  • Rare Twister Box With Twine Boxwood Early 20th Century
  • Rare And Beautiful Cane Of Profession Vise Jeweler Companion
  • Ancient Scanned Cane With Canne System Written Notary Written Xixth
  • Range. Hamble Bag. Lithographed And Hand Painted Paper. Spain. Nineteenth Century
  • Old Table Reliquary Souvenir In Hair Antic Reliquary Memory 19 Th