Object Of Folk Art

Style > Moyen-âge

  • Box End 15th Early 16th High Period
  • Bronze Spoon 17 Eme Brand The Virgin Always Will Be Our Mother 1661 C839
  • Slipper Mud Skate Folk Art Tool Old Collection
  • Romanesque Christ. Middle Ages, High Era, Collections
  • Romanesque Christ. Middle Ages, High Era, Collections
  • Very Rare Bougeoir / Candlestick Xvsec Cm 8.5
  • Religious Statue Medieval High Gothic Saint Apotre Golden Wood16th X 2
  • Torch, Medieval Forge, 13th-14th Centuries
  • Gorgeous Religious Statue 15 Th Medieval High Gothic Saint Sebastian
  • Copper Christ Of The 13th. Haute Époque, Collections, Religion, Object Of Worship
  • Rare Key Old Key, Key
  • Bronze Puzzle Xv / Xvi Eme High Time Power Bronze 15/16 Th High Epoque
  • Very Nice Cocquemar Pitcher Jug ​​in Tinned Copper High Time Xviith
  • Vase Cloisonné Enamels, China 19th Century
  • Two Keys Romanesque Period, Thirteenth Century, State Of Discovery
  • Large Lamp Kabyle Old 19th Century Terracotta Museum Room Kabylie Algeria
  • Great Chandelier Pique Candle Bronze Golden Candleholder