Object Of Folk Art


  • Antique Sugar Wrought Iron Hammer 18th Franciscan Sugar Shape
  • Folk Art Wrought Iron Door Knocker
  • Antique Wrought Iron Building Door Nail 17 18th
  • Renovated Chest Wall Light. Haute Epoque, Wrought Iron, Collections
  • Decorated Wrought Iron Housewarmer Dated 1833
  • Knocker, Wrought Iron, 17th Century
  • Old Wrought Iron Wedding Waffle 17th 18th
  • Old Cremaillere Forgee Decorated Xviiith Chateau Chimney
  • Superb Waffle Maker Speaking Wrought Iron 19th Waffle Mold Forgetting
  • Old Candlestick Wrought Iron Candlestick French Folk Art Candlestick
  • Old Tool Tool Ancient Esponton Vinylor Small Hallebard Forged Eighteenth
  • Wrought Iron Housewarming 18th. Lily Flower
  • Waffle Iron. Mold Forgotten Wedding Wrought Iron 18th-19th. Seal Of Solomon
  • Old Sicilian Cart Wrought Iron Decoration Painted Folk Art Xviii Th
  • Anti-wolf Collar In Wrought Iron 18th-19th. Folk Art
  • Oil Lamp 19th-20th. Wrought Iron. Folk Art. Lamp Of Mine