Object Of Folk Art

Marque > Sans Marque

  • Christ Sculpt Size In Mass Popular Art 1950 Beautiful Skate Z73
  • Marianne In Mural Medallion French Republic 19th Century Phrygian Bonnet
  • Popular Art Calendering Board With Volutes
  • Hand Holder In Corrozo Popular Art Auvergne Finely Studied Rare Lace
  • Fine, Elegant Indian Silver Belt (2) Gulf Production (late 19th)
  • Former Powdered Pear In Brass Decoration In Relief 19th Century
  • Write Ancient Tibet Asia Nepal Bronze Inkwell
  • Pair Of Ancient Scissors In Iron Forge Many Poincons Anciennes Art Populaire
  • Popular Art 18th Zoomorphic Grilling Board 1728
  • Auvergne Bronze Cowjacket
  • Ancient Wooden Embalmers And Their Vintage Leather Horse Boots. 1950
  • Canne Hammer China Or Indochina Dore Grave Xix Eme H3370
  • Ancient Tool Magnificent Lead Wire Centering Xixth
  • Rare Gobelet X5 Of The 17th/18th Century In Verre Emaille, Alsace, Boheme, Suisse Fluhli
  • Superb In Tabatiere Corozo Shaped Galion Eighteenth Century / Ultra Rare
  • Stunning Ring With Adjustable Head Romaine Work Very / Ultra Rare
  • Children Shape With Drum. Silver Plated. Main. Twentieth Century
  • Rare Gobelet X6 Xvii / Xviii In Glass Enamel, Alsace, Boheme, Switzerland Fluhli