Object Of Folk Art

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  • Aa 1890 Punch And Judy Bank Old Mechanical Money Piggy Bank Mechanical Box 2kg
  • Aa 1890 Punch And Judy Bank Antique Mechanical Piggy Bank Money Mechanical Box 2kg
  • Flibustier Malle 17th Century Pirate Trunk 17th
  • Former Native American Wardrobe. Antic Native American Breastplate. Navajo. Zuni
  • Ancient American Quit Antique American Quilt Popular American Art Folk Art
  • Former Stake In Loup Usa
  • Rare 19th Antique Powder Horn Superb Powder Horn 19th Sculpted 1854
  • Small Singer Sewing Machine Cast Iron Toy
  • Large Pre-columbian Terracotta Vase Culture Colima
  • Spinner Machine Manual Old American
  • Nazca Ceramics Paracas Rare, Archeology Precolombian Peru, Lima, Peru, Art
  • Old Eskimo Yupik Inuit Greenland Tupilak Carving Figurine
  • Colonial Spur. Silver Damask On Iron. Argentina. Xviii-xix