Object Of Folk Art

Sous-type > Fer Forgé

  • Archelle With Profile Of Man And Forged Iron Snakes 18-19th Century
  • Antique And Rare Ex-officio Crown In Forged Iron Bird Decoration
  • Large Cast Iron Candle Mould 19th Signed Villain With Meuse Morlet
  • Rare Pair Of Wrought Iron Mooring And Its Chimney Chenet Sausages
  • Superb Large Grill Meat Has Wrought Iron Openwork Decorated And 19th In Clover
  • Flanders Superb Archelle Decorated 18th Utensils Iron Door
  • Ancient And Rare Crown To The Appropriate Lilies Wrought Iron
  • Brassard Wrought Iron Decorated And Dated 1858 Archery
  • Superb Archelle Decorated With Human Profile And Snakes Wrought Iron 18-19th
  • Great Pair Of Wrought Iron Birds 19th
  • Rare Flanders Small Utensils Archelle Door Wrought Iron Candlestick 18th
  • Rare Flanders Archelle Large Wrought Iron Hooks To Eleven Dated 1800
  • Rare Little 18th Century Archelle In Wrought Iron And Her Utensils
  • Antique Wrought Iron Building Door Nail 17 18th
  • Rotating Meat Grill 19th
  • Antique Wrought Iron Building Door Nail 17 18th