Object Of Folk Art

Sous-type > Bougeoir, Chandelier

  • Antique Candlestick Candlestick Rat Cellar Decoration Enamelled Markings
  • Bronze Chandelier With 5 Candle Holders
  • Ancien Bougeoir In Bronze 17th South Spain France
  • Bronze Candlestick With 5 Rock-style Candlesticks
  • Golden Polished Bronze Candlestick Style Louis Xiv Period Xviith Xviiith
  • Pair Of Candlesticks Art Nouveau In Solid Silver 800/1000
  • Bougeoir Flambeau Bronze Chandelier 17th Candlestick Candero Candelero
  • Pair Of Superb Great Bougeoirs In Bronze Empire Period Xix Candlesticks
  • Former Support At Plateau Pliant Bronze With Moroccan Candlesticks North Africa
  • Antique Wrought Iron Candle Holder Former Candlestick Candlestick Rat Cellar Wrought Iron
  • Beautiful Paire Flambeaux Xviii Regence Bronze Candlestick Chandeliers
  • Candlestick Bronze Candlestick Column Xvi / 17 High Time Candlestick Round Base
  • Louis Xiii Epoch Candlehouse, Golden Bronze, Beginning Xviith Century
  • A Former Candlestick Drive Flambeau Haute Epoque Xvii Bronze Netherlands
  • Former Grand Chandelier, Candlestick Bronze Tripod
  • Pair Of Beautiful Porcelain Bronze Sconce From Paris Xix Candlesticks
  • Old Candlestick Flame Record High Epoque Xvii Bronze Netherlands
  • Candlestick Candlestick 16th Candlestick Candlestick