Object Of Folk Art

Style > Art Populaire

  • # Old Big Wedding Box Wood Sculpte Normand Popular Art
  • Ancien Vire Omelette Vernissed Terre Alsace 19th
  • Hand Holder In Corrozo Popular Art Auvergne Finely Studied Rare Lace
  • Ancien Vire Omelette Vernissed Terre Alsace 19th
  • Old Wooden Necklace Cloche/sonnaille With Cloche Chèvre, Mouton, Brebis, Pyrénées
  • Chaudron With Cuivre Anse And Fer Forger Main Ancien Xviii
  • Lace Lamp, Very Old Toothlet Magnifying Glass
  • Old Large Jar Jar With Terracotta Water Popular Art Xixth Century
  • Beautiful And Rare Pichet, Cruche De Barque, Xixeme, Terre Cuite Vernissee Yellow
  • Companion Companion Work Ap 1886 Black Forest Popular Art C2677
  • Box Little Old Wedding Eme Xix Centuries Folk Art Carved
  • Old Small Safe Key Lock Key Folk Art 19th Xix Key Tool
  • Rare Ex Voto Drowning Dated 1794 France Folk Religion Vow God Prayer
  • Ancient Wedding Box Xviii Eme Siecle Wood Carving Monoxyle Popular Art
  • Ex Voto Epoque Eighteenth France Painting Folk Art Religion Vow Prayer
  • Large Terrine In Terrain Cute Vernisse Popular Art 19th