Object Of Folk Art

Origine > Espagne

  • Iron Forged Flower. Golden. Leaf Model. 50/60 Years
  • Old Grand Cruche De Calanda. Ceramics. Spain. Date In Expectation
  • Old Cane Spanish Guy Was Mahogany, Round Pommel Engraved Decoration
  • Pretty Cane Kids Damascene Steel Knob With Gold Toled
  • Gothic Mortar In Bronze. Haute Époque, Folk Art, Collection
  • Cane Control Handle Gold Xixe Century
  • Candlestick Candlestick 16th Candlestick Candlestick
  • Wrought Iron Trap Hooks With A Padlock
  • Pair Of Great Taurinos Fans. Wood And Wallpaper. Spain. Xix
  • Box Watch Case Watch Wood Very Finely Carved Relief Watch Holder
  • Knocker, Wrought Iron, 17th Century
  • Torch, Medieval Forge, 13th-14th Centuries
  • Gorgeous Religious Statue 15 Th Medieval High Gothic Saint Sebastian
  • Exceptional Baroque Altarpiece Baptism Of Christ Valladolid 17th Century Gilded Wood
  • Cantir Blown Glass Xviiith Vidrio Espana 18th
  • Range. Hamble Bag. Lithographed And Hand Painted Paper. Spain. Nineteenth Century
  • Cantir Botijo ​​glass Latticini Spain Catalonia Early Eighteenth High Era