Object Of Folk Art

Material > Solid Silver

  • Solid Silver Snuffbox With Fine Gold Surahs From The Ottoman And Persian Middle East, 19th Century.
  • 1. Superb Antique Turkmen Silver Ring With Carnelian / Agate Xxth Century 23.3 G
  • 2. Superb Turkmen Antique Silver Ring With Carnelian / Agate Xx Century 18.6 G
  • Timbale In Solid Silver Minerve Hallmark Silversmith Louis Coignet 115 Gr Raisins
  • Rare. Thunderbird Piece Scarf Rings Magnolia Pearl Silver & Turquoise
  • Antique Solid Silver Wedding Spoon
  • Ancient Solid Silver Yemeni Muthallath Triangle Amulet Pendant
  • Antique Russian Women's Silver 0.800 277g Neoclassical Ball Bag
  • Solid Silver Character Figurine With Pipe Filler Circa 1980 Height 6cm
  • Stunning Engraved Ring / Geometry / Silver / Diameter Int 16.48 X 17.84 Mm / Rrrrrrrrr
  • Solid Silver Perfume Sprinkler
  • Antique Russian Solid Silver Caviar Spoon With Odessa Kiev Assay Marks
  • Cigarette Case In Solid Silver 800 78g