Object Of Folk Art

Material > Copper

  • Rare Repoussé Copper Cache Pot With Science And Arts Putti In Renaissance Style
  • Hammered Copper Ferrat, Large Antique Water Basin, 19th Century Grain Measure
  • Ottoman Tinned Copper Flat Plate Display Stand Late 19th-early 20th Century
  • Large Bell Collar For Transhumance Popular Art Bell
  • 18th Century Copper Swallowtail Tail Fishmonger Copperware
  • Large Red Copper Cauldron France 18th Century
  • Large Red Copper Cauldron France 18th Century
  • Impressive Yellow Copper Basin Circa 1800
  • Large Openwork Copper And Brass Sailor's Pipe Holder
  • Interesting Covered Pot In Repoussé Copper From Tibet Or China 18/19th Century
  • Set Of 5 Medieval Heraldic Harness Pendants (14th/15th Century) Enamel And Gilding
  • Imperial Russian Brass Stamped Samovar Awarded 19th Century H 45cm